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Junk Removal Conroe TX and surrounding areas - Text pics to 281-736-0660 for free estimate

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Junk Removal Cost Conroe Tx and surrounding - Volume Based Pricing


At BB Junk Removal, dedicated to junk removal services in Conroe, Spring, Woodlands, Magnolia, and Kingwood, TX. We are proud to offer efficient and reliable junk removal services with straight forward volume based pricing to the residents and businesses in the Conroe area. In general, we charge about $33 per a cubic yard to remove your junk. To fill our 15 yard junk removal trailer completely we typically charge about $490, but our prices are prorated, so if you don't fill it all the way, we charge less. Our order minimum is $185 for up to 3 cubic yards of waste. Some remodeling debris situations may cost more due to heavier weights (higher dump fees for us) and more labor intensive loading and transport. For single items like refrigerators or couches already out on the curb, we may be able to offer you a discount for certain situations like if you are close to our service area, have scrapable items, can work with our schedule so we can combine loads, et. Just give us a call! Our team of professionals is equipped to handle any job, big or small, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience.

Our Junk Removal Services in Conroe, TX

We offer a wide range of junk removal services in Conroe, TX. Our team is experienced in removing a variety of items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, construction debris, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any job, no matter how big or small. The most common items we get called out to remove are couches, refrigerators, and mattresses, but we love to clean out garages and even entire homes. We are happy to walk through your home with you as you take a few minutes to decide which items you want to throw out, and which ones to keep.

Residential Junk Hauling Services

If you're a homeowner in or around Conroe, TX, we understand how frustrating it can be to have unwanted items cluttering up your space. That's why we offer residential junk removal services to help you clear out your home. Whether you need to dispose of old furniture, appliances, or just general clutter, we can help.

Commercial Junk Removal Services

We also offer commercial junk removal services to businesses in the Conroe and surrounding area. If you're a business owner, we understand that you don't have time to deal with junk removal. We've helped many business owners clear out their rented space when they are moving out, and also landlords when they need to clear out the old tenants stuff before they can move a new one in. That's where we come in. Our team of professionals can help you clear out your space so you can focus on running your business. We also love to work with apartment complexes, condo complexes, and storage unit centers and may be able to offer discounts for your repeat business. We visit some condo complexes and storage units on a monthly basis to clear out units and also remove the furniture people tend to leave out by dumpsters that your typical trash company won't take.

Construction and Remodeling Debris Removal

If you're a contractor or homeowner in the midst of a construction or remodeling project, we can help you dispose of construction debris. Our team is experienced in removing construction debris such as wood, drywall, sheet rock, wall paneling, flooring, insulation, and other materials. We understand that a clean worksite is crucial to the success of any construction project, and we're here to help. Didn't rent a dumpster? No problem, just stack all that kitchen and bathroom remodeling waste in your garage and give us a call to remove it when your done with your project.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services

At our company, we're committed to protecting the environment. That's why we offer eco-friendly junk removal services. We recycle and donate as much as possible to reduce waste and ensure that your unwanted items are disposed of in the most responsible way possible. We go to the scrap metal yard about once a week, because it not only helps protect the environment, but it also reduces our dump fees (yes we have to pay to dump) and gives us a little extra cash. We also donate and resell as much junk as we have time and storage space to. Again, it saves us a little on dump fees, and puts a little extra cash in our pocket. You should see how full our garage gets sometimes with the junk we keep to resell.

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal Services in Conroe, TX?

There are several reasons why you should choose us for junk removal services in Conroe, TX. Here are just a few:


Our team of professionals has years of experience in the junk removal industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any job, big or small since 2017.


We understand that your time is valuable. That's why we strive to complete each job as efficiently as possible. We'll work quickly to remove your unwanted items so you can get back to your day. We will always call or text when we are on the way.


When you hire us for junk removal services in Conroe, Spring, Magnlia Tx you can count on us to show up on time and get the job done right. We pride ourselves on being a small privately owned business. You don't have to worry about getting lost in some impersonal corporate bureaucracy with us.


We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable junk removal services. That's why we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. We are about $100 cheaper than some of the larger franchise companies, and you get to deal directly with the owner.

Customer Service

We value our clients and strive to provide them with the best possible experience. We are small mom and pop operation and so we're always available to answer any questions you may have.

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